Two main product lines:

    I. Gears
   II.CNC Rotary Table With Dual Lead Worm Gear Sets Inside

I. Gears

Since established in 1963, thousands of all kinds of gears have been made. Thus, we have learned and accumulated valuable experiences with materials, production, heat treatments, and applications in the manufacturing of gears. We are not only in fully tune with the need for the growth of the gear industry, but also strive to develop manufacturing technologies, invest in production and inspection equipment, and reinforce employee education and on-job training in order to grow and expand in the gear industry. Currently, we can classify our gear products as follows:

  1.  Product categories: Spur gears, helical gears, worm and worm gears, master gears, curvic coupling, precision spiral bevel gears…etc.

  2.  Final polish of gear surface: hobbing, shaving, grinding, skiving.

  3. Application: machine tools, industrial machines, electrical vehicles, pumps, motorcycles, vehicles…etc.

  4. Normally, regular delivery time is from 7 days to 60 days, depending on the required manufacturing procedure is. 

II.CNC Rotary Table With Dual Lead Worm Gear Sets Inside

CNC rotary tables are attachments for machining centers. It is known as the 5th axes in Taiwan. A good 4th axis must basically possess the characteristics of “indexing accuracy” and “repeated accuracy.”  In order to achieve high accuracy, the 4th axes must have good warm gears and warm sets, as well as precision construction. Based on our nearly 50-year experience in producing high-precision gears, we are able to produce high-precision warm gears and warm sets. In addition, we specially purchased a CNC boring machining center from Toshiba, Japan to produce high-precision construction. Also, to ensure our quality, we developed an inspection software with the Mechanical Industry Research Lab (MIRL) at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).  Due to the mentioned experience and new investment, we are able to produce major parts in house, under strict QA system in order to best control the quality. We deeply believe that our products can compete with those similar products made in Japan, USA, Germany and so on. 

1.Product Categories:

(1). Pneumatics: SNCM 125, SNCM 160, SNCM 210, SNCM 250

(2). Hydraulics: SNCM 160, SNCM 210, SNCM 250, SNCM 320, SNCM 400

2.Product Features:

  1. High Performance With The Same As Those Leading Brands Of The U.S.A., Japan, And Europe 
    The highly precise computerized-numerical-controlled (CNC) rotary tables were developed with the cooperation of the Mechanical Industry Research Laboratory of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (MIRL/ITRI). The MIRL/ITRI is the largest research center of technology in Taiwan.  This technology was developed to ensure that the overall design could perform the same as those leading brands of the U.S.A., Japan, and Europe

  2.  Duplex Lead Worm Gear Sets Inside
    Adopting duplex lead design for worm gear sets can easily adjust backlashes by moving the worm, in order to keep the same meshing (worm and worm gear) precisions and wearing resistance during the long-term use.

  3. High Clamping Force To Ensure The Stability, Especially In Heavily Cuttings
    For the hydraulic series, when the table rotates to the desired points from the former place, the hydraulic pressure will surround the working table to increase the clamping force to gain stability, and also to decrease the vibration, especially in heavily cuttings.

  4. Adopting High-Class Taper Roller Bearings
    To ensure rotating and cutting precision, high-class taper roller bearings are used, and all the rotating parts have been precisely produced and inspected.

  5. Using Clamped-And-Unclamped Limit Switch
    The table uses clamped-and-unclamped limit switch, which can allow operators to choose easily either in the clamped or unclamped states for manufacture.

  6. Two Ways For Indexing
    The table can be indexed either by fixed points or continuously rotating.

  7. Being Easily Placed In Both Vertical And Horizontal Directions
    The table can be used in both vertical and horizontal directions to accommodate the requirements of various machining facilities.

  8. Compatible With Any Brand Of CNC Servo-Motors
    The table can be mounted with any brand of servo-motors, and also is compatible with various kinds of CNC controllers.

3.Standard Accessories:

(1). Eye Bolt

(2). Lock Bolt

4. Optional Accessories:

(1). Tail Stock

(2). Air/Hydraulic Tail Stock

(3). Central Tail Stock Accessories

(4). Servo motor

(5). Digital Controller

(6). Flange and Chuck

(7). NC, CNC Digital Controller 

III. Summary of Product Lines:


Product Lines


Type of Manufacture



Spur Gear
Helical Gear

2. Shaving
3. Grinding
4. Skiving

  1. Master Gears
  2. Machine Tools
  3. Industrial Machines
  4. Motorcycle and Vehicles
  5. Electrical Scooters
  6. Textile Machines
  7. Pumps
  8. Aviation Machines
  9. Reducers
  10. Other Industrial Machines

Worm and Shaft


2. Shaft--Grinding


Spline Shafts
 and Bushings

II.CNC Rotary Table With Dual Lead Worm Gear Sets Inside 


1. SNCM 160

Various CNC Machining Centers

1. SNCM 250
2. SNCM 320


Curvic Coupling


Any High Positioning Accuracy
Precision Spiral Bevel Gear


Lack of Parallelisme with High Speed Transmission