Saynen has been in the gear industry for exceed 50-years. Most of the machines are from prestigious companies worldwide, such as Reishauer, Switzerland, Klingelnberg, Germany, Kashifuji, Japan. With the machines, experiences, and technologies, we can produce spur gears of grade up to AGMA 14, DIN 4, or JIS 0.

 In order to keep upgrading product quality, and ensuring the stability of quality during the entire manufacturing procedure, it will still be our policy to continuously invest in the newest production equipments.

 Besides our investment in the machines, we also spent a lot of resources to cultivate a skilled technical staff.  Every year, we offer courses for people¡¦s requirement, which may be in technologies, administration, management, leadship¡Ketc.  The purpose is to let everyone have a good attitude and good skill toward their job.

 The other regular job in our manufacturing is to lift the efficiency of production.  We always try to develop new model, new clamp fixtures, or new procedures to improve output, shorten delivery time, and also lower the cost.  Our goal is to continually exchange feedback with our customers, so we can benefit from each other and increase competition.