1. Abundant experience in gear manufacturing

Since established in 1963, we have produced thousands of all kinds of gears.  From them, we have learned and accumulated valuable experiences in the characteristic of materials, efficiency of production, result of heat treatments, and the applications of gear manufacturing. All these experiences can help us to serve customers with high quality. 

2. Professional manufacturing capability

Having been devoted to manufacturing gears for nearly 50-years, we have possessed extraordinarily professional manufacturing capability, including hobbing, shaving, grinding, and skiving. Currently, we are able to produce and inspect spur gears and helical gears within the specification of 650mm.

3. Excellent techniques/technologies

Through the long-term technological cooperation with the Mechanical Industry Research Lab (MIRL) at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan and our continued search for increasing techniques and manufacturing capability, we are able to produce the quality levels of JIS 0, DIN 4, and AGMA 14. Moreover, our products can satisfy customers”¦ needs in perusing low-noise, high-efficiency and long-life.

4. Precision production equipment

We are continuing investing in high-precision CNC automated equipment from Japan, USA, Germany, and Switzerland to ensure the stability and precision of products.

5. Sound Quality Assurance (QA) system

The AS and ISO certified QA system and precisely measuring and inspection equipments help controlling the quality of each stage of manufacturing process and final output.

6. Providing customers with professional counseling services on gear designing and manufacturing

We work with our customers together to provide our experience as a consultant in gear designing and manufacturing when they need to develop high quality and low cost products simultaneously.

7. Continuous employee education and training 

Our training and education courses are on an on-going basis. Every year, we arrange different level training courses for the entire company.  They are programmed to help employees in different fields in order to increase their techniques, skills, concepts of quality, and attitude toward management. Further, these courses are aided to help solidifying their technical and management skills. It is expected that all employees should be able to provide excellent service to our customers in the long run.